Technical to trivial, every tree is given careful consideration for the posterity of your property and safety of those in and around the space. 

A Crown Down Tree Service employee grinding a stump using a commercial gas-powered stump grinder

Standard grinding depths beginning at 6 inches. VA811 is always contacted. Use of site safeties are mandatory and all grind-sites are cleaned to the client's satisfaction.

A Crown Down Tree Service employee felling a large dead tree with a chainsaw

Proper preparation, physics, careful measuring, and precise cutting to land large stems exactly where they are intended.  

A manual rope pruner being used to prune a red maple tree

Spikeless thinning, weight reduction, dead wood removal, tip pruning, imposing limbs over structures, widowmaker removal, and structural pruning for young trees. 

A large storm damaged tree being dismantled by a Crown Down Tree Service employee wearing a helmet and holding a gas powered pole saw

Single limbs to complete removals involving multiple clients or properties. We'll walk you through the nuances of neighbor-law so you know your rights and responsibilities.

A tree receiving an injection for a plant healthcare service

Plant Health Care

Recommendations and referrals for injections, fertilizations, fungal treatments, pest management.

A properly installed tree support cable spanning between two tree branches

Tree Support Systems

Cabling, bracing, guying and propping options to give defective trees a new lease on life.

A residential yard that has recently received services to allow grass to grow in place of a previously removed tree and stump.

Grass Ready Grind Sites

Completely transform an ugly stump in to a like-it-was-never-there yard space.

Bins containing seasoned firewood awaiting delivery

Firewood Delivery

Dry, seasoned, high BTU hardwood firewood delivered and stacked.

1/2, 1/4 and Full cord pricing

Subject to availability

A group of trees in a nursery that have been spaded in to ball and burlaps


Site planning and recommendations, plant placement and spacing, and follow up maintenance. 

Aerial image taken by a drone showing a large tree that has fallen across multiple property lines in a client's back yard

Aerial Drone Inspections

Leading tech for conducting site and in-tree inspections without the cost of climbing. 

Subject to federal air regulations, local fly zones and property permissions.

A pile of wood chips dumped by Crown Down Tree Service

FREE Wood Chips and Fire Logs 

Inquire about free delivery of wood chips and unsplit fire logs.
Subject to availability in your location

A shear crack on a large branch that overhangs a residential client's driveway

Risk Assessments

ISA risk assessments give you an objective look at what type of risk a tree poses without unnecessary and costly one-size-fits-all recommendations for work.

A Crown Down Tree Service employee using a brush cutter to cut down bamboo

Bamboo Removal and Controls

Bamboo removal and abatement, ensuring compliance with state and local regulations to  safeguard properties from invasive growth.

Examples of digital estimates sent by Crown Down Tree Service

Free Estimates

Simple and concise digital estimates that give details for all work to be conducted in an easy-to-read, client-friendly format.

For other licensed and insured contractors...

Contract climbing packages are available at both daily and hourly rates. Each company's needs are different and job requirements vary. 

All groundmen must adhere to the strict safety guidelines set forth in our contract and include:

-Crown Down Tree Service LLC must have complete control of the drop zone areas designated by us once we are on site. 

-At a minimum, each person working on the ground in the drop zones must have: Helmet, gloves, closed-toed-shoes. If safety gear is not worn, we can not work! 

-Contractor-Clients must supply their own equipment for their use. Climber(s) will supply their own equipment and any equipment necessary for the rigging choices they deem appropriate. Our company equipment will not be shared outside of the these exceptions!

Contact us using the number at the bottom of the page or submit a work request using the Contact Us page for full details.

We are NOT accepting full-time climber contracts at this time!  

Referred Services

Some services are best left to our recommended specialists!

Crown Down Tree Service maintains a record of endorsed professionals to assist with specialized tree care for the following:

-Pest Control Applications

-Consulting Arborists

-Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing

-Lot and Land Clearing

-EHAP Certified Arborists

-Live Edge Milling

-Mulching and General Landscaping

Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form in the link below if you offer these services as we are always looking to expand our professional relationships within the industry!

Sub-Contractor Information Form