Firewood Delivery

Firewood is SOLD OUT until Q4 of 2024!

Get it while supplies last!

Looking for dry, seasoned, clean-burning and well-split firewood that you can burn indoors? Crown Down only sells high BTU, low-moisture content hardwoods that ignite easily and stay burning longer! All cords are true-cord-volumes meaning each cord of wood is carefully stacked so you get the most wood for your money!

1 Full Cord

1/2 Cord


1/4 Cord


Small Loads and By-The-Piece

Variable pricing
Pick-up only

Delivery - $25

All firewood purchased may be delivered within a 10 mile radius for $25 for up to 3 cords. Additional fees apply for delivery outside of this radius.

Stacking - $40

Let us do the lugging! Firewood purchased and delivered can be stacked on site within 200 feet of a vehicle accessible location for $40*/cord.

*: $40 minimum up to a single cord (Eg. 1/4 cord will be the same price to stack as 1 full cord. 1 and 1/2 half cords would be $80).

Firewood Bins - $40 Lease / $70 Purchase

Need a place to stack your firewood? Select from two sizes of firewood bins that may be purchased or leased on deposit from us and make you eligible for 10% off future orders*!
*: Subject to availability.

1/4 Cord Bins

1/2 Cord Bins