Understanding the Impact and How Crown Down Tree Service LLC Can Assist

While we often focus on the immediate aftermath of winter storms, it's crucial to understand how these weather events can affect our trees and the landscape around our homes. At Crown Down Tree Service LLC, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and offering specialized services to address these unique challenges to help them not only recover from winter catastrophes, but aid in preventing the demise of their trees due to wintery weather.

The Silent Struggle of Trees in Winter

Winter storms bring a mix of snow, ice, and wind, each posing distinct threats to trees. The weight of snow and ice can cause branches to break, especially in species that are failure prone, shallow rooted, brittle wood or have very dense canopies. Evergreens (such as the Leyland Cypress in the photos), with their year-round foliage, are particularly vulnerable to snow accumulation. Additionally, rapid temperature fluctuations can lead to frost cracks, while high winds may uproot trees or cause limb failure.  Salt or brine that is used to de-ice walkways and roads may runoff to where trees make their roots.

A snow covered tree that has fallen causing damage to a vinyl fence in a back yard

How Crown Down Tree Service LLC Can Help

Long-term Care and Maintenance

Winter storms can have lingering effects on trees, new wounds from winter damage being a common source of decline in residential trees if left unabated. It's important to engage in regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure their recovery and continued growth. Our arborists can provide ongoing care, advice, and services, adapting to the specific needs of your trees through changing seasons.

At Crown Down Tree Service LLC, we understand the intricate relationship between trees and their environment. Our goal is to help you navigate the challenges posed by winter storms, ensuring the safety and beauty of your property. By being proactive and engaging in regular tree care, we can mitigate the risks and enjoy the many benefits that trees offer to our homes and the ecosystem.

For more information on specific services or to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page. Together, we can ensure the health and safety of your trees, regardless of the season.

A snow covered back yard that has been cleared of all tree debris and a vinyl fence that has been repaired.